Is it possible to manipulate a roulette? 26.10.2014

Roulette News

The Indiana police has finally caught the 25 year old man, who managed to collect more than $100,000 by manipulating an electronic roulette game.

Joshua Stipes has spent a few years dodging the authorities and will face a few charges including theft, gaming offence and failure to appear in court.

It was in 2011 when a casino manager discovered a noticeable decrease in revenues on electronic roulette.

More then 300,000 have been lost in the area of electronic roulette games and the Indiana Gaming Commission started it's investigation that included the check of surveillance videos from the casino.

The video showed the young man playing one of the roulette games and winning far more often that it is possible in average.

The case investigator, John Westmoreland, said: ''He seemed to be moving his hand in a fast and erratic manner over the touch screen”.

Stipes collected over $65,000 in 5 days. He has confessed that someone has taught him how to influence the machine that allegedly has a glitch in it's software.

A further check of the records showed other people using the same technique to manipulate the roulette, but it was Stipes that has played the game most often and claimed winning more then $100,000.

Stipes was brought to justice on October 15th.

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