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Roulette is a classic casino gambling game that has left its mark on modern society since the 18th century and remains today a favorite with gamblers all over the world. Over the centuries many have looked for the optimal roulette strategy that will help them beat the wheel and make money playing roulette.

However every seasoned roulette player will be able to explain that the game of roulette is based on independent trails and therefore the ability to plan your play strategically should ideally be based on either progressive betting strategy such as Martingale betting strategy or a strategy that focuses on roulette bets that offer a higher probability for payout.

What are Independent Trials?

Independent trials and dependent trials are part of probability theory. Roulette is affected by independent trials as the outcome of each round of play is not affected by the results of the previous round.

This means that an event taking place in a round of roulette has no bearing on the probability of that event occurring again and has no bearing on any other events occurring in later rounds of roulette. Each round of roulette stands on its own and carries the same probability for certain results as any previous round or the rounds that will follow.

Progressive betting strategy

One of the most popular progressive betting strategies is Martingale betting system instructing players to double the amount of the bet after every loss. This can cause a problem of exponential growth in wagers which are impossible to contain and thus should be limited up to a certain betting limit, depending on the player’s bankroll.

Another type of progressive betting strategy advises you to do the opposite than the Martingale system by decreasing your bets when you lose and increasing them when you win.

High probability bets

Bets in roulette are divided into two categories; inside bets and outside bets. Inisde bets tend to offer high payouts but have a much lower probability of being successful. Outside bets offer lower payouts but tend to have a higher probability of winning the bet.

As a rule of thumb it is recommended to focus on making outside bets and the reason for it is that they offer better win odds, this is also why they offer lower payouts. Try not to get tempted by the big payouts offered by inside bets because a payout of 35 to 1 or 17 to 1 is great, but if you have a very low chance of winning such a bet there is little point in making it.

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