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Roulette is the classiest gambling game in the world. It has been featured in countless movies and TV shows and in more literature than anyone would care to read. It is a game that is most synonymous with casino gambling games and nowadays it can be played at online casinos by anyone with a computer and internet connection.

From creation to world domination

The general history of the game does not consist of one agreed version of how the game came into being. Many gaming historians credit the creation of the game to the famed French mathematician Blaise Pascal who in 1655 inadvertently invented the modern roulette wheel while trying to create a perpetual-motion device.

Other gaming historians attribute the creation of the game to a combination of several other games that were popular in Europe in the 18th century and included the Italian board games Biribi and Hoca, the English wheel-based games E-O, Ace of Hearts and Roly-Poly. Some even think that a French board game called roulette had something to do with it.

The game had several reincarnations over the centuries and today it is played in three main formats; French roulette, European roulette and American roulette. In Europe players tend to play French or European roulette and in the US most casinos offer only American roulette that enjoys a higher house edge and therefore is preferred by American casino operators.

In the beginning of the 20th century casinos existed in limited locations around the world. There was the thriving Monte Carlo that attracted rich people from all over the world to its beautiful beaches and plush casinos. The US state of Nevada passed a gambling bill in the 1930’s which propelled Las Vegas into becoming the gambling capital of the world, surpassed only by Macau in China towards the latter years of the 20th century.

In addition many countries around the world legislated to allow gambling in their territories and casinos have suddenly sprung all over the world. Roulette became a big hit with gamblers and the star game in most casinos.

Online Casino Roulette

The last decade of the 20th century brought with it a technological revolution that has since changed the world by affecting business and finance, social interaction, access to entertainment and much more. We are talking of course about the invention of the internet.

The internet burst into our lives in the 1990’s, about a decade after it was invented. Earlier attempts to create computer networks were successful but had limited capacity and were mainly used by academics and military personnel. It was only when computers became smaller and the personal computer was introduced, that a broader network was developed and became accessible to many around the world.

By the late 1990’s more people started purchasing home computers and internet connections became faster with the aid of optical fiber infrastructure laid down by governments in their respective countries. Very quickly gaming became one of the top activities of internet users and many new software companies sprung trying to meet the growing appetite for online games.

Online casinos were established using a Random Numbers Generator (RNG) technology to create software-based casino games that offered online roulette to anyone who wished to play it for real money or for free using demo accounts.

Live Dealer Roulette

The evolution of roulette did not stop with the invention of software-based roulette games, but rather continued into the realm of interactive games with the invention of Live Dealer roulette and incorporating it into existing online casinos.

Live Dealer roulette used fast internet connections to stream images of a live roulette game as it happens in a casino. Players see the roulette table and wheel and can monitor the professional dealer as they regulate the game.

This technology used the best of both worlds by offering people a real casino roulette experience from the comfort of their own home, and not surprisingly roulette is the most popular game of all the games currently offered in live Dealer format.

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