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The game of roulette is known all over the world as one of the main games in online casinos. When you enter most land-based casinos you will notice that the roulette tables often enjoy a central location in the casinos and tend to draw big crowds of players and spectators alike.

Roulette in its modern form, be it French, European or American roulette games, has been with us since the 17th century and has over the years successfully migrated to all four corners of the world where it is perceived as game of elegance and excitement.

It was not until the late 1990’s that roulette has made an appearance in the online sphere. In those years the internet stopped exclusively being in the domain of computer geeks, academics and military personnel.

In 1997 the first online casino opened its doors to visitors from all over the world and introduced to them the first online roulette game. Since then thousands of online casinos have begun operating, each one offering several roulette games.

Furthermore the last few years have seen the birth of Live Dealer Casinos that provide a unique service to online players by operating roulette games from a casino-styled studio, using real professional dealers to run the games and using live-streaming technology to transmit the game live to players’ computers via the online casino software.

However in spite of the advances in providing online roulette games there are still some differences between playing online and playing offline.

Online casinos do not have a physical establishment that players can frequent. Anyone with an internet connected computer can access many different online casinos with a click of a button. On the other hand the nearest brick and mortar casinos can often be in another city, state or country as many people do not live in jurisdictions where operating a land casino is allowed.

There is no doubt that land casinos provide players with plenty of atmosphere. The casino is buzzing, slot machines make loud noises when players win and the general feel is one of excitement. However some players prefer to focus on their game, avoid noisy distractions and be less sociable. For these players online casinos are perfect.

If you live in Las Vegas or some other city that offers land casinos, then you can frequent them with great ease, however if you do not than traveling to a land casino can sometimes prove to be a costly and exhausting procedure. Online casinos provide you with roulette games that are two clicks of the mouse away, and also ensure you never have to push your way nearer the roulette table as there is no problem of crowding in online casinos.

Game Variety
Online roulette games are offered in many different variations, while the roulette in land casinos can often be limited to one type of roulette (usually the one most popular in the country where the casino is located).

It is very easy to make roulette bets of any type when playing online. All the information about the table limits and betting options is conveniently displayed on the screen. When you play software-based roulette there is no rush to make bets in time for the next spin. The next spin will not start until you have placed your bets.

In land casinos you can monitor each spin of the wheel to ensure there is no tampering with the roulette wheel. In live dealer roulette games you can also see the wheel which is very reassuring. When playing online you only see a graphical representation of the roulette wheel but rest assured that the software is governed by a Random Numbers Generator (RNG). All reputable online casinos subject their RNG to rigorous testing by independent auditors and publish information regarding this on their websites.

Players seeking a fun night out and a thrilling experience should play roulette offline, however players wanting flexibility, ease of access, convenience and an informal experience should aim to play roulette online.

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