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Roulette is an exciting casino games that offers players a multitude of bets that are available in every round of roulette played. Players around the roulette table must place their bets on the roulette table layout using special roulette chips.

The roulette chips can be obtained from the croupier by exchanging cash or regular casino chips. Each player is given a different colored roulette chips so that the croupier does not confuse similar bets made by different players.

The Betting Process

After you got your roulette chips from the croupier you are ready to start playing roulette. Before a new round of roulette starts you are able to place your chips anywhere on the roulette table layout.

After allowing players to place their bets, the croupier will give the roulette wheel a spin and then, just before they are about to drop the roulette ball onto the wheel, they will announce “no more bets”. From this moment on players are not allowed to add, change or remove bets.

However that said there is a process that allows the player to make a new bet after the announcement “no more bets”. Bets that are made after the announcement are referred to as “Call Bets” or “Called Bets”.

Called Bets

As players are not allowed to alter their bets after “no more bets” is announced, they have the option of calling a bet aloud towards the croupier. The croupier has the right to accept the new bet or refuse to accept it.

The decision of the croupier is final and you will be considered rude if you start to argue with the croupier. In some casinos you might even be asked to leave the roulette table or leave the casino altogether. So make sure you do your best to respect the croupier and their decisions.

Other Call Bets

Call bets are not used just for making late bets. They can be used by players for several different reasons. For example If while players are placing their chips on the table, one player is unable to come near enough to the table to place their bet, they can make a call bet.

Often new players joining the table do not have enough time to exchange their money for roulette chips. They wish to start playing right away so they will make a call bet and exchange their money once the round is over.

Call Bets vs. Announced Bets

Many players confuse call bets and announced bets. The two are not the same although they are very similar.

Call Bet – a bet that is called by the player without the player placing any chips to cover the bet. In many gambling jurisdictions this is considered gambling on credit and the player is committed to the bet once they called it..

Announced bet – a bet that is called aloud by the player but requires the player to place money or chips on the table to cover their bets and they must do so before the spin is completed.

Some Words of Caution

Make sure to check the rules for called or announced bets at the casino you wish to play at. In some casinos your announced bet will not count unless you cover it before the round of play is completed, while in other casinos you will be committed to the bet from the second you announced it aloud.

It can get very exciting around the roulette table and this excitement is contagious so make sure you keep your cool and don’t shout out any bets unless you are absolutely sure you can cover them.

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