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The simplicity of roulette has attracted a new breed of players in search of an easy and fun game of chance. This in turn made roulette lose its snobbish allure which it gained from centuries of being a classy game played by the kings and queens of Europe and turned it into a game that has a strong appeal with people from all walks of life.

Many new players, especially those only accustomed to playing roulette online, might not be aware that land-based casinos in general and roulette games in particular have a set of etiquettes that are expected from players. Below you will find information on roulette table etiquette so that next time you play you will feel right at home and will not do anything that will cause offense.

Social Courtesy
Remember that you are not playing roulette on your own from the comfort of your own home. There are other people around the table, some are players and others are just spectators. Make sure to always be polite. Don’t shout or push and be aware not to step on peoples toes.

Control your Excitement
You might lose some money or win a big bet by hitting a single number bet. Either way try not to get too excited or frustrated. No one is interested in hearing you vent your frustrations or get a perforated eardrum because you are screaming in excitement.

Do Not Mix Chips
Each roulette player is given their own different colored chips so that different players’ bets do not get mixed up. In case you are playing with friends or family at the same table and they have their own colored chips, you are not allowed to add your chips to theirs in order to form a single bet.

Listen to the Croupier
The croupier controls the game and you should always pay attention to them. Once the croupier called “no more bets” you are forbidden from making or changing your bets. In fact it is customary to keep your hands at your sides and not anywhere near the roulette table.

Do Not Argue with the Croupier
In case you wish to make or change a bet after the croupier announced “no more bets” you cannot add or remove chips from the table. You can however call a bet aloud (announce to the table your added or removed bet), the croupier then decides whether to accept or decline your late bet. The croupier's decision is final and it is considered very bad manners to try and argue with the croupier. In some casinos if you argue with the croupier you will get a warning from the pit boss (who monitors all roulette tables in their monitoring area) and if you argue again you might be prohibited from continuing to play roulette and might even be removed from the casino.

Hands Off the Chips
Once the ball stops in a number slot the croupier marks the winning number, removes losing bets and pays the winners. Never touch any of the chips on the table between the time the croupier drops the ball into the wheel and the payout time. Also do not add new bets during this time. Allow the croupier to clear the table before making new bets. If you break this rule you might be suspected of cheating and removed from the game or even the casino.

Tip the Croupier
Winners are expected to be generous so always tip the dealer after a winning playing session. Some players also tip after a loss but those tend to be casino regulars or high rollers. There is no expectation of a tip if you lost money playing.

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