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Online roulette tournaments are a new and exciting twist on the most classic of all the casino games. This great game that is always played against the casino has now received a new spin by being offered in tournament form that allows players to compete among themselves with the casino acting as the game organizer and receiving a fee for it. Players have the goal of beating other players by finishing as the top ranked player with the biggest stack of chips.

Roulette tournaments tend to create a competitive gaming environment that rewards players for their competitiveness and strategic skills. It is not enough to get lucky in a spin or two, as you need to know when to make bets and how much to bet on based on your rank on the tournament leaderboard.

As online roulette tournaments are a relatively new phenomenon in the online casino industry many players are still apprehensive about giving them a try. For those players and for more seasoned players who wish to get a better understanding of how roulette tournaments work we have created this roulette tournament dictionary.

  • Buy-in – The amount that you would pay for participation in the tournament. It may or may not include the casino fee for organizing the tournament. The tournament details in the casino lobby will indicate if the casino fee is included or charged separately.
  • Entry Fee – Same as buy-in.
  • Final Round – The final round of the tournament in which the winner is decided. In most roulette tournaments all players compete during a fixed timeframe, with the top seated players continuing to the final round.
  • Freeroll – a roulette freeroll tournament does not have a buy-in or entry fee but offers a real money prize pool. It is offered to all players, usually as part of some casino promotion. Freerolls can also be offered for a buy-in of loyalty/comp points as a way of rewarding loyal players.
  • Maximum Bet – roulette tournaments have the same game rules as roulette and therefore have a maximum bet that a player can make in any given round of roulette.
  • Maximum Rounds – The total amount of rounds you can play during the tournament. This is done in order to create an even playing field where all participating players get to play the same amount of rounds.
  • Minimum Bet – The smallest betting unit allowed per a single bet during a round of roulette.
  • Minimum Rounds – The minimum amount of rounds you are required to play during the tournament.
  • Prize Pool – The total amount of money that will be shared among the tournament winners according to the payout structure of the tournament.
  • Qualifying Rounds – Early rounds of play in the tournament that decide which players will qualify for the final round of the tournament.
  • Re-buy – Some tournaments allow players who lost all their chips to re-buy again for the tournament. This option is usually available only during the qualifying rounds of the game.
  • Spin Limit – Some roulette tournaments do not limit the time of each tournament round, but rather limit the number of spins each player can play during each of the rounds of the tournament.
  • Table Limit – The minimum and maximum bets that are allowed at the roulette table during the tournament.
  • Time Limit – Some roulette tournaments are time limited so each tournament round is limited to a fixed time frame. Players can play as many spins as they wish within the time limit.

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