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Single Zero Roulette is one of the most popular of all existing casino games in the world. It is offered in every European casino and in many other casinos around the world.

American casinos don’t tend to offer it, or will offer a limited number of single zero roulette tables. This is due to the fact that American casino operators preferred the double zero roulette game that offers the player worse odds than single zero roulette.

Over the years the game’s immense popularity in Europe and the lack thereof in American has made many refer to the game as European roulette, to the extent that nowadays many casinos prefer to name their single zero roulette games; European roulette.

Origin of the Single Zero Roulette

The exact origin of the single zero roulette is debatable with some gaming historians claiming it is really a combination of a few different types of wheel-based games that were popular in Europe around the 17th century. Games such as the Italian Biribi and Hoca and the English Reiner, Ace of Hearts and E.O.

Other gaming historians claim that single zero roulette is a French invention. In fact the word roulette comes from the French term meaning ‘little wheel’. It is claimed that the game was invented inadvertently by mathematician Blaise Pascal, who was trying to create a perpetual motion machine but instead came up with the early version of roulette.

This early roulette wheel used both zero and double zero, but by the 19th century it was changed to a single zero roulette wheel by Louis and François Blanc, French brothers that owned a casino and spa resort in Homburg, Germany.

The reason the Blanc brothers changed the roulette wheel was that they understood that by removing the double zero they would lower the house edge and increase the payout percentage to the player. Having a single zero roulette with improved odds would draw punters away from competing casinos increase the attendance in their casino.

Taking over Europe

Over the 19th century single zero roulette spread across Europe and became very popular. So much so that is was considered to most popular casino game of the time and any gambling establishment had to offer several single zero roulette tables if they wanted to attract customers and keep them happy.

In 1860 the German government made gambling illegal. This move only served to increase the popularity of single zero roulette because it made François Blanc move to Monte Carlo and take over the casino that Monaco’s Royal Family set up in the hope of saving the Grimaldi Royal Family from bankruptcy.

Under Blanc’s management and inspiration Monte Carlo quickly became the gambling capital of Europe and catered to European aristocracy and the very rich that loved single zero roulette and helped turn it into the top casino game in Europe.

Failing in America

When an influx of French immigrants swept through the US in the 18th century, many new games were introduced to the Americans. The French, running away from the misery and devastation of the French revolution were big fans of gambling games which might explain why so many of them ended up in New Orleans, Louisiana. In those years New Orleans was the gambling Mecca of the US.

American casino operators were not too thrilled with the concept of a single zero roulette. They preferred the house edge they had in double zero roulette. In fact for a while they changed the roulette wheel completely so it had a zero, double zero and a symbol of the American Eagle. Eventually the Americans settled on the double zero roulette game that is still played in US casinos.

Single Zero Roulette Online

The internet boom in the 1990’s revolutionized all our lives by improving communications and made many services easily accessible. Technological improvements in sound and graphic design allowed for online gaming software to be invented.

The first online casino opened its doors to gamblers in 1997 and with it introduced single zero roulette to millions of new players around the world.

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