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The game of roulette provides players with a large selection of available bets. One of the bets offered is a bet on the color black. In order to become a successful roulette player it is important that you understand that the black bet is thought of as one of the best bets a roulette player can make and in this article we will explain to you why this is so.

What is the Black Bet?

There are two types of roulette; single zero roulette and double zero roulette. Single zero roulette (European roulette) has a wheel that has 37 numbered slots on it. The numbers in use are 1 to 36 and the number zero.

In double zero roulette the roulette (American roulette) the wheel has 38 numbered slots with the numbers 1 to 36, the number zero and a double zero.

Regardless of the type of roulette you play, the numbers 1 to 36 are divided into two color groups. Half the numbered slots are painted in black and the other half are painted in red. This results in 18 different numbers being considered as red numbers and the other 18 numbers being considered as black numbers. Zero and double zero are always painted in green and do not fall into either color category.

When you play roulette you are given the option to make an outside bet that attempts to predict whether the roulette ball will drop on a number that is colored black or a number that is colored red. You do not need to pick the actual number. You just need to pick the color group that number will belong to.

Why the Black Bet is considered an Outside Bet?

All the varied bets in roulette come with a variety of payouts and different probability of winning. All the bets can be divided into two types of bets; inside bets and outside bets. The inside bets are considered high risk bets and the outside bets are considered low risk bets.

The reason inside bets are considered high risk bets is due to the fact that they are made on a single number or a very small group of numbers and therefore have a lower probability of generating a win for the player. To compensate for the low probability of winning they offer very high rewards.

Outside bets are considered to be of a lower risk level and offer a reasonable payout for the level of risk taken. Many consider them to be player-friendly bets.

The black bet belongs to the group of outside bets since by making this bet the player essentially making a bet on all the black numbers which covers almost half the numbers on the roulette wheel.

The Probability

Before we go into the probability of winning the black bet on single zero and double zero roulette, let us assume for a second that the roulette wheel did not have the zero or double zero. It only had the numbers 1 to 36 and exactly half the numbers on the roulette wheel were painted black.

Assuming you made the black bet under these circumstances than your probability of winning the bet would have been calculated as 18/36 – 0.5 which is a chance of 50%.

Unfortunately roulette games do have a single zero or single and double zero and that is one or two more numbers that are in play and change to probability of winning the black bet.

Therefore when playing single zero roulette there are 37 numbered slots with only 18 of them painted black. So the probability of winning the black bet in single zero roulette is calculated as 18/37 = 0.4864 which provides for a 48.64% chance of winning.

The payout offered for the bet is an even-money payout of 1-to-1 although the odds are actually 1.01-to-1. The casino has only a slight advantage of 0.01.

When it comes to double zero roulette; the game is played with a zero and double zero added to the 36 numbers. This means that the probability of winning the black bet in double zero roulette is calculated as 18/38 = 0.4735 which is translated into a 47.36% chance of winning.

The payout for the black bet in double zero roulette is identical to the payout in single zero roulette. It pays 1-to-1. However, the true odds of the bet are 1.11-to-1 which gives the casino a slightly greater edge than the edge they have on this bet in single zero roulette.

As you can see; it is much better to make the black bet on a single zero roulette as the odds are a little bit better than in double zero roulette. It is not always possible to make a choice as many casinos only offer one or the other.

The “En Prison” Rule

In some roulette games there is the option of taking advantage of the “En Prison” rule when making the black bet. The rule is only valid for even-money bets and it allows the player to leave their black bet on the table for another spin if the outcome of the spin they wagered on was zero or double zero.

“En Prison” is French and it literally means “in prison” as you essentially imprison your bet in its position for an additional round of play.

In Conclusion

The black bet provides a safe and reasonable bet that allows the player to enjoy the game of roulette without taking huge risks with their money.

Players that stick to outside bets such as the black bet have a better chance of making their bankroll last longer thus providing them with a long session of playing roulette.

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