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Playing French roulette is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have in the casino, but still many players shy away from it because they find the betting structure a bit too complicated. Other players stay away because they do not speak French and feel that they do not understand all the bets offered.

Firstly let us state that there is no need to be fluent in French in order to play French roulette. The French bets are explained below and once you know them the rest is very easy.

Furthermore you need to remember that all the regular inside bets and outside bets you know from European roulette and American roulette are available on French roulette as well so you might not even want to make any of the special announced bets in French roulette.

What are French Bets

There are sequences of numbers in roulette that are located in proximity to one another on the roulette wheel and are offered as additional bets. Usually they are only offered in French roulette games but that varies from casino to casino and in some casinos they are not offered at all.

These bets are referred to as The French Bets although one of the bets is actually a German Bet and has a German name. Players interested in making them need to announce them aloud to the croupier and place enough money/chips on the table to cover the bet.

The croupier then repeats the announcement of the bet and places chips on the table according to the bet made.

Types of French Bets

Zero Spiel / Jeu Zéro

This is the zero game. It is originally a German bet that was adopted by French roulette. The bet is made on seven numbers; zero and six numbers adjacent to the zero on the roulette wheel: 0/3/12/15/26/32/35.

The bet has to always be for a total of four chips or multiples of four chips. The bet is always divided as follows:

1 chip on 0/3 Split
1 chip on 12/15 Split
1 chip on the number 26
1 chip on 32/35 Split

This type of bet is very popular in Germany and in other Western European countries, but in Eastern Europe it is offered as a 5 piece bet that is called Zero Spiel Naca and includes the four bets mentioned above and an additional straight-up bet on number 19.

Viosins du Zéro

This is a bet made on the seventeen numbers that are placed between the numbers 22 and 25 on the roulette wheel and include 22 and 25. The numbers offered are: 22/18/29/7/28/12/35/3/26/0/32/15/19/4/21/2/25.

The bet has to always be for a total of nine chips or multiples of nine chips. The bet is always divided as follows:

2 chips on 0/2/3 Street bet
1 chip on 4/7 Split
1 chip on 12/15 Split
1 chip on 18/21 Split
1 chip on 19/22 Split
2 chips on 25/26/28/29 Corner
1 chip on 32/35 Split

This type of bet is very popular in Eastern European casinos and especially loved by players from the Czech Republic.

Le Tiers du Cylindre

This bet is made on the 12 numbers that are located opposite of the zero on the roulette wheel. The numbers are: 5/8/10/11/13/16/23/24/26/27/30/33.

The bet always has to be for a total of six chips or multiples of six chips. The bets are always divided as follows:

1 chip on 5/8 Split
1 chip on 10/11 Split
1 chip on 13/16 Split
1 chip on 23/24 Split
1 chip on 27/30 Split
1 chip on 33/36 Split


The name means "orphans" and it is a bet is made on all the numbers that are not included in the Voisins du zéro, Jeu zéro and Le tiers du cylinder bets. The numbers are: 1/6/9/14/17/20/31/34.

The bet always has to be of five chips or multiples of five chips. The bets are always divided as follows:

1 chip on straight-up 1
1 chip on 6/9 Split
1 chip on 14/17 Split
1 chip on 17/20 Split
1 chip on 17/20 Split
1 chip on 31/34 Split

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