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Roulette is an exciting game that over the centuries has inspired many people to try and invent a roulette betting system that works and can help break the casino. However in all the centuries that roulette has been played no one managed to develop a betting system that proved to work in the long-run.

The only systems that are proven to help roulette players are bankroll management systems that govern the overall expenditure rather than determine levels of betting like betting systems do. One of the easiest and most popular roulette bankroll management systems is the monthly bankroll management system.

The Concept of a Monthly Bankroll Management

As the title suggests a monthly bankroll is your monthly budget for playing roulette games at an online casino. The idea is that you decide in advance how much money you can afford to lose playing roulette games during a one month period.

The crucial thing is that the money you allocate for your monthly roulette playing budget is part of your disposable income. It is not money you need to use for rent or mortgage payments, money for paying bills or any other living expenses you have.

Your roulette monthly bankroll should be part of your monthly entertainment budget that includes money allocated for dining out, going to concerts or just having a drink down the pub.

There are two reasons why you should treat your monthly bankroll as part of your entertainment budge; firstly it will cement in your mind the notion that gambling is a fun activity and funding it should not come at the expense of your living costs.

The second reason is that when it is part of your entertainment budget you do not treat it as an investment and expect to make a profit from it. The same way you do not expect to make money by going to see a movie but rather accept that you will pay money to be entertained, you should only have an expectation of entertainment for your roulette playing. This way if you win it is a nice surprise and if you lose you can say to yourself you had fun and not be too disappointed.

Deciding on your Monthly Bankroll

If you have a substantial disposable income you are free to allocate any part of it towards playing roulette, however if you have a low monthly income that leaves you with a small disposable income we would suggest that you spend some time to save a little every month until you have a sizable bankroll you can deposit and play with.

For example if your monthly income leaves you with only $150 as disposable income. You should make a four months plan to save $50 each month and only once you have saved $200 you can start playing roulette.

How to Manage your Roulette Monthly Bankroll

In case you lose your $200 you need to wait four months until you again save another $200 before you can start playing again. If you win you need to do the following: every time you win 50% of your monthly bankroll you cash out 50% of your winnings.

For example you had a $200 monthly bankroll and you won $100 so at the end of the month you have $300 in your player account. Cash out $50 and never again use it to play roulette. Now your upcoming monthly bankroll is $250.

Continue saving $50 of your disposable income every month so that if you lose one month you will be able to resume play the following month. If after another four months of saving you again have $200 and you still have a positive balance in your player account you can add the $200 on top of what is in your player account and create a larger roulette monthly bankroll.

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