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The game of roulette is a structured game where each one of the many different bets offered has a negative expectation which is why there is no mathematical roulette betting strategy that is proven to work in the long run and the many different roulette betting systems that are offered on dubious websites cannot prove themselves mathematically and offer little comfort to those who seek a real way of improving their roulette playing skills.

The only systems that have a proven track-record in providing players with real tools that improve and prolong their roulette playing are bankroll management systems and these are completely free so do not get tempted to pay someone for them. All the information you need is provided on this site for free.

The easiest roulette bankroll management system is a single session system. It dictates your budget for a single session of play and instructs you on how to use it and when to quit the game.

Set a Win-Goal

The first thing you need to do is set out a win-goal for your playing session. Make it a reasonable win-goal. Do not expect to win $300 with a $50 session bankroll. We always say that a good roulette player is a reasonable roulette player and not some tourist who thinks they can turn their $200 holiday gambling budget into a life-altering fortune.

Your win-goal should reflect the total amount you want to win during your upcoming roulette playing session. This amount is what will decide your actual bankroll for the session that should be five times your win-goal. Let us assume you are a low-stakes player who is happy with a win-goal of $30. This means your bankroll for the session needs to be $30 x 5 = $150.

This system also helps keep your expectations and expenditure in check as if you suddenly decide that your win-goal for your next roulette session is $300 and you see that you do not have $1,500 in your player account, nor can you afford to deposit such an amount and make it available for play, then clearly a win-goal of $300 is a bit over the top for you.

Many newbie players dream of doubling their bankroll but ask any seasoned roulette player and they will tell you that you should only expect to make a profit of 10% to 20% on your invested bankroll.

The Loss Limit

The great thing with the Single Session Bankroll Management is that you do not have to set a loss limit. Your entire session bankroll is your loss limit and you should stop playing once you lose it and take a break. Do not start a new playing session right away. In fact you would benefit greatly from leaving the online casino and returning to it another day.

The worst thing a roulette player can do is chase their losses. Just switch your computer off and forget all numbers that came up during your session. Remember that the roulette wheel has no memory and those numbers can easily repeat themselves next time you play.

Reaching your Win-Goal

Once you have reached your win-goal your playing session has come to an end. You should take a break from playing for a while. However most players will tell you that it is hard to walk away when you are playing and this is exactly what the casino is relying on. They hope you would continue to play until you lose your money.

Therefore in cases where you feel on a roll and want to continue testing your good luck we suggest that you take a break once you reached your win-goal and after a short break set up a new single session bankroll. Start playing again as if the win never happened and adhere to all the guidelines of the single session roulette bankroll management system.

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